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posted on 14 Oct 2007 00:30 by adeline


Crazy, silly, timid, not a bookworm; a book lover, geeky

Age : ???

Blog : adeline.exteen.com

Email :  flying_magpie@ hotmail.com

Fandom :
Blood +, Harry Potter(book), Ghiblies, Disney's,
Howl's Moving Castle(D.W.J.'s/Miyazaki's), Ca
stle in the Air(D.W.J.'s),
Pirates of the Caribbean, Hellboy(movie),
Spiderman(movie), Sleepy Hollow, Batman Begins, x
V for Vendetta, X-Men(movie&Evolution),
al Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts,
TMNT(movie 2007), A Series of the Unfortunate Events
Trinity Blood

Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Severus/Lily,
Laurie/Jo, Violet/Quickley, Howl/Sophie,
Jimmy/Marbel, Nightcrawler/Shadowcat(Evolution),
Will/Elizabeth, V/Evey, Sora/Kairi, Cloud/Tifa,
Zack/Aerith, Vincent/Lucrecia
Noctis/Stella, Haji/Saya, Abel/Esther

Book :
รามเกียรติ์, Harry Potter, The Enchanted Castle,
ASOUE, The Little Women, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air,
Trinity Blood, The Book Thief, The Children of Hurin,

Movie :
Batman Begins, Batman The Dark Knight, The Little Women, 13 going on 30, Spirited Away and other Ghiblies,
Disney's, V fo Vendetta, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Legally Blond,
Perfume : The Story of a Murderer, Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean,
Narnia, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children, The Prince of Egypt,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hell Boy, Spiderman, The Prestige

Somethings at random :
I've missed pizza.
Noctis/Stella is gonna be an awesome couple.
I love Moses.

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